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It's been again since updating this journal. Well not "ages", but just a little over a year.

That's what happens when you're in too much a/o all over the place "social networking-ly" speaking.

In any case, so as not to leave this journal on "last years post" into yet another year, there's this:

My poem "Tattoo" was published last June, in the premiere edition of Dark Eye Glances.

Said poem can be read here:

This is their FB page:…

This year my poem, among those from others submitted throughout the year last year, will be considered for inclusion in the 2011 "Dark Eye Glances" anthology.
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I recently revised my original poem "Montréal, Mon Chéri".
Below is the revised edition. It goes in conjunction with my original photo (featured on the left) "Old Port, Old Montréal"

In appreciation of my Montreal residing friends (and those who used to reside here), in dedication to this City we love and call home ! Happy New Year 2010!

Montréal, Mon Chéri

Ah Mont Réal, my Montréal!
To tell the truth
Today makes 6 years since I first discovered you,
And your pulsating presence.

The love/hate relationship
That I have with you
Is nothing new.
Saints and sinners
Residing under one "Royal" roof
Holds the proof
Of your allure.

You entice with your joie de life.
You entice with your sly, yet sweet come hither smile.
Then you steal away inspiration for months on end, for months and a day.

Held captive by your seductive summers,


And your bustling inner city vibe.
Radiating with colours and


Of urban, latin, jazz, rock, reggae...
In a state of barely there, almost undress sway.

Then suddenly, inspiration you'd return in some unique style.

Perhaps on a warm, neon bright night on St. Catherine or St. Laurent street,
Or when some fille or gar catches the eye.

Inspiration, come when may.

Perhaps from your eclectic cultural array.

Mmmm... such a mouth watering, cosmopolitan flavour to savour.

To close the eyes, indulge the senses and wrap ones' tongue,

And, your lethargic white winters,
Bundled up outside.

Or, better yet
Under the covers,
Hopefully, with a lover.
Keeping warm.
Sometimes six months of cold can seem so, very, long...

An unassuming island innocence,
Has almost all been erased
Par ta belle décadence.

Mon amour, loving you, c'est mon plaisir.

Montréal, Mon Chéri!

You are, by far,

La Cité.

6 yrs - refers to when poem was originally written, back in 2006
Gar - short for "garcon" (boy)
Par ta belle decadence - by your beautiful decay
Hello Friends, Readers, Lurkers, Ladies and Gents

So, I've created a FaceBook page @

for my genre blog: VampirePhile > (  )

So now you can find a/o follow me on FB, directly from the blog on Google blogspot or also on Twitter @

If you’re already on FB, then send a friend request to Vamp Phile if you wish to follow me.

And please be sure to tell your friends (who may be interested).

Thank you,

Living, Loving, Writing, Working, Laughing, Blogging...
My Script Writing class has been cancelled for this semester. :(

And I was so looking to taking it too.  Now I've to wait 'til Fall, the next time it's offered!
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  • Reading: 1st three chapters of - Blood and Bondage.
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  • Playing: "Uprising Down Under" by Sam Roberts.
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  • Drinking: Water
So the class is over, but I will still continue to write.
I'm dedicated to doing it!
The draft, of the 1st three chapters of "Blood and Bondage", is done. I've only what 6, 9, 18 to go? Who knows? I don't, as I don't know how long I intend to make it.

But, I do know WHERE though! :)
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  • Reading: The Shambala Sun Magazine
  • Watching: other people's photos
  • Playing: "Uprising Down Under" by Sam Roberts.
  • Eating: Papaya
  • Drinking: Water
Hopefully it will be many things. Many good things. Many good things for many people, for every person...

I'll probably be writing a lot more this year. Writing a lot more than actually taking photos.

Presently I'm doing a course in "Writing a Fiction Novella" where, over 10 wks, we have to produce at least 3-10 pages for each submission. I've made up my mind to actually write a complete publishable novella - beginning, middle and end.

Following that, later in the semester, I'll be doing a "Script Writing" class. I very much look fwd to that.
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  • Reading: Tanya Huff's Blood Books - "Blood Pact".
  • Watching: Blood Ties tv show
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  • Eating: Banana Bread. Mmmm!
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I was so lax this year, I was only able to add one new deviation, re: "The Last time she blushed, prt 1". (I'll add the continuation in 2009)

Well it (adding one deviation) was better than nothing, and 2008 was still great (esp. with the discovery of KSC (for those wondering, that's: Kyle Schmid Central).

Well all the best to everyone this Holiday and see y'all in 2009!
  • Listening to: "Twilight" SndTrk CD
  • Reading: Tanya Huff's Blood Books - "Blood Pact".
  • Watching: Blood Ties tv show
  • Playing: Paramore's "Decode" (from said CD)
  • Eating: Banana Bread! Mmmm
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
Though I have NO new stuff to post as of today's date... I am sure that I should have on/by/before years end...

Nevertheless, 2008 will be Great!!!
So I have finally been able to upload some New Stuff as promised.

I shall import / upload more photos and stories (including some more of "Sonika's Erotika" ), as soon as time permits.
For the Receiver (reader a/o viewer) :

"If my *poetry can (help) paint a picture, and my pictures can (help) prompt poetic inspiration, then I have done my work well!" - Suenika/Sonika
For the Receiver (reader a/o viewer) </b>:

"If my *poetry can (help) paint a picture, and my pictures can (help) prompt poetic inspiration, then I have done my work well!"   - Suenika/Sonika

*I shall import / upload more photos and stories (including some more of  "SONIKA's EROTIKA" ),  as soon as time permits.


Poetry- From the Prolific Pen of the 1st Passion: Desiderata Incognita (Unknown Things Desired) </b>

Some say it's a dying genre! Lost to these recent centuries.
That there's no place for it in today's fast paced, modernized world.
That only the Williams (Shakespeare and Blake, to give ode to a few), could truly wax poetic!

But pray, what does it mean to be in a state of (sometimes constant) poetic inspiration?
To know that any such inspiration could come and go at the drop of a hat?
One moment, you're minding your own business, walking down the street...
Then the next, a familiar scent hits, and sends you reeling, reaching for rhythmic rhyming feats.

"Poetry equals pleasure. It appeals to the mind and arouses feelings. It touches, it stirs, it makes glad (or sad), and it may even reveal something. It's also about seduction!" - Josanne DeFreitas (Poet, nom de plume). </b>
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  • Reading: Lyrics to: Everybody's free, to wear sunscreen.
So, for a while now, I had had this list of things to do / continue to do a/o accomplish in my lifetime, written in my off-line (book) diary, and now I sort it worthwhile to post that list here, on this on-line dia-blog.

I think it's a good way to keep ones goals in mind, even if you never really get to do them before your lifetime's up!

So if you've ever thought of doing one, but never got / took the chance to... how about now?

My Life List...or things I'd like to (continue) do in my Lifetime:

1] Be a good friend and the best person I can be: whenever and however I can possible.

2] Do well by my mother... and by extension the rest of my family.

3] Appreciate money, but don't worship it.

4] Live, Laugh, Love: Live Life, Laugh with Friends and Love Family.

5] Go to France (again).

6] (learn to) Ride a horse.

7] (learn to) Ride a motorbike

8] ( finally, learn to) Drive a car ... and perhaps own one someday
    (enviro-friendly of course).

9] Be an entrepreneur (i.e. have my own business someday... and yes, I do already have several ideas towards this in mind for the future.)

10] swim with dolphins

11] got to Australia and New Zealand.

12] go on a roller coaster ride

13] get published

14] try a snow sport (skiing, snowboarding etc)

15] go to a nude beach

16] learn to play the guitar

17] go on a cruise

18] backpack / visit Europe and Asia (e.g.: Ireland, Scotland,
      Switzerland,Tibet, Thailand, etc)

19] (learn a/o try) Couples dancing (e.g.: Tango, Salsa, etc)

20] (continue to) Be informed / keep informed.

21] Meet a well known person (esp. e.g.: Sam Roberts, Orlando
     Bloom, Anne Rice, Katherine Moennig, The Dalai Lama. )

22] (continue to) Practise Dharma (i.e Buddha's teachings and the inner realizations attained by practising them)

21] (continue to) Practise Karma ( i.e. doing onto others as I would
    have them do onto me).

22] (continue to) Be a work in continuous progress, keeping an
     open mind to the constant changes in life.

23] (continue to) Aim at maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle,
      in mind, body and spirit, yet having fun while at it.

24] sky dive

25] (continue to try) to be a change that I
     would like to see in the world.

26] (continue to) never be cynical about Love and always Love with
       passion... no matter how often my heart may get broken.

27] (continue to) the advanced levels of the lap dance / strip tease
     class that I first attended in 2004.

28] (continue to) try always respecting and being happy for others,
      even those I may seriously dislike.

29] (continue to) try at having compassion for others (but without
     being a pushover) and always keep trying at giving the benefit
     of the doubt.

30] (continue to), as it says in Desiderata, "Strive to be Happy."…

More new photos :camera: will come soon, I promise.
That is of course, as soon as I can re-size them to fit onto the deviant page [they're currently too HUGE to be uploaded].

However, the :jsenn: poetry always flows and follows[...there IS over 20 yrs of material afterall], so with that at least, there'll be no lack of a/o wait for! :thumbsup:
Here are some of my fave quotes/sayings by fellow poets a/o writers: :pencil:  

"A poem should not mean, But be." - Archibald Macleish

"Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite
'Fool', said my muse to me
Look in thy heart and write," - Philip Sidney

"... genuine poetry is conceived and composed in the soul." - Matthew Arnold.

"When I am dead, I hope it may be said:
'His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.' " - Hilaire Belloc

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings:
it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity." - William Wordsworth.

"The pen is mightier than the sword,
With blood spilt be the written word." - Josanne Defreitas

"You write with ease, to show your breeding,
But easy writing's vile hard reading." - Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
So, What's in a Name?

I had often wondered what had inspired my mother to give me said name of "SONIKA"!
What could it possibly mean, if in fact it did mean anything?!

Well to my surprise {and chagrin} :(, she claimed that it was in fact to have been "So-in-ka"; but due to (what I consider a "fortunate") fluke, it was misspelled on my birth certificate.

Thus "Sonika" it was/is/and forever will be!

Which is great, as a matter of fact, because when in 2004 I decided to "google-it", I discovered that there actually WAS a meaning and origin to it!

"SONIKA", derived from Hindu meaning : "Daughter of the SUN" or "Golden".

Hmmm, how appropriate I thought, as the name suits my personality to a T! [see poems "Nature Child" and "Free Spirit", for some insight into that which is me...if reader so wishes.]

And Furthermore, just for the record the pronunciation is :  
"Sonic - ka", and NOT "So-nee-ka" or "Sue-nee-ka", as many are wont to do sometimes [which irks me to no end! lol :)]

Think: Monika (Moni-ka ) / Monica (Moni-ca) or Konica (Koni-ca).

Now how "Sue" is/was derived from Sonika is a whole other story...