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An Island in the Sun by SonikaE An Island in the Sun :iconsonikae:SonikaE 1 3 Right hand of the Writer by SonikaE Right hand of the Writer :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0
Montreal, Mon Cheri
Montréal, Mon Chéri
Ah Mont Réal, my Montréal!
To tell the truth
Today makes 6 years since I first discovered you,
And your pulsating presence.
The love/hate relationship
That I have with you
Is nothing new.
Saints and sinners
Residing under one "Royal" roof
Holds the proof
Of your allure.
You entice with your joie de life.
You entice with your sly, yet sweet come hither smile.
Then you steal away (my) inspiration for months on end, for months and a day.
Held captive by your seductive summers
And your bustling inner city vibe,
Radiating with colours and
Of urban, latin, jazz, rock, reggae
In a state of barely there, almost undress I'd sway.
Then suddenly, inspiration you'd return in some unique style.
Perhaps on a warm, neon bright night on St. Catherine or St. Laurent street
Or when some blue eyed gar catches my eye.
Inspiration, come when may.
Perhaps from your eclectic cultural array...
Mmmm, such a mouth watering, cosmopolitan flavour to savour.
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The Last Time She Blushed - 2
The Last Time She Blushed  (part 2)
It was 9: 32 am.
The elevator bell “dinged”, announcing the arrival of someone to the floor, most likely an employee.
In the mornings now, as general rule, (her own of course), Josanne tried never to make it a habit of looking up from her desk at the sound of each one. It was only for the “ding(s)” at around 9:30a.m. (give or take a min or two), for which she would do so.
Because like clock work, any at that time usually preceded her Mr. Red Head Ed, as he would step off, look over in her direction with a: “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “How are you?”, accompanied by the breath taking “for-you-only” smile, that she had, over the past 2-3 weeks, grown accustomed to receiving from and  trying to return to him.
Some times now too, as a bit of a surprise “thinking of you” gesture, he would have with him a small French vanilla Tim Horton’s coffee, just for her. He had
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The Last Time She Blushed - 1
The Last Time She Blushed  (part 1)
As she made her way to the restaurant along the cobblestoned streets of  Old Montreal, she tried to remember when it was that she had first became aware him, Mr. “Red Head Ed”, her pseudo savior.
                                           *   *   *
It was about three months since she had begun working in the IT department, as its receptionist. It was a job she had been psyched to have been chosen for, and now here she was.
Three months in and she was now pretty much honed on the general character types of the many, mainly male, employees of the department.
There was Mr. “Ego Eye Candy”. So code named due to his: “Hey-look-at-me” / “I’m-God
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A Park... by SonikaE A Park... :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Oratory by SonikaE Oratory :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 A Rose... by SonikaE A Rose... :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Zooming... by SonikaE Zooming... :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Pyramid by SonikaE Pyramid :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Smiley Faces... by SonikaE Smiley Faces... :iconsonikae:SonikaE 2 4 Projection by SonikaE Projection :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Reflection by SonikaE Reflection :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Desolate... by SonikaE Desolate... :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0 Look up by SonikaE Look up :iconsonikae:SonikaE 0 0


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SonikaE's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
Current Residence: MTL, QC, CND
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Acoustic, (some) Pop ... [anything but Country and Western]
Favourite photographer: Too many to name just one...
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha [though he's more animé than cartoon]
Personal Quote: "I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get returned."
Dreams. Dreaming.

We all dream, but not everyone is lucky enough to remember their dreams. 

I've been lucky enough to remember many of my dreams, which, 9 times out of 10 are often cinematic in nature.

For several of them, I've put virtual 'pen to paper' (or back in the day before I had a computer, literal 'pen to paper') and written down, to use at some point in my creative writing.

Flying dreams, are the most pervasive dreams I usually have. Having had those on going since I was old enough to remember.

When I have flying dreams, it is a glorious and rather very transcendental feeling/experience, in mind and even in body. The share feeling of weightlessness, flying and/or soaring at great speeds or just simply gliding and then coming to a stop at will.

I'm not prone to nightmares (except if I happen to watch a zombie movie. "Zombies, man. They creep me out." - Dennis Hopper 'Land of the Dead')

Apart from that, in fact, I hardly/rarely ever have them, but I have had instances of 'dream vision' or Clair-cognizance if you will, where something I had dreamt (be it good or bad) has come to pass sometime thereafter. I've had enough things 'dreamt and come to pass' to know that I'm not going off the deep end. And the dreams are / have not only been about people close to me either.

I've dreamt of people I haven't even met. The good thing about it though is that, for each dream I've had which I suspected was 'not of the ordinary', I'd make sure to tell at least one other person about it. Thus, when said incident then thereafter happens, someone is there to confirm that indeed, I had mentioned about dreaming of it BEFORE it happened.

Lately, past year or so, I've dreamt of Tidal Waves. At least 5 times in the past year since 2012, I've had such dreams. Albeit I think these Tidal Wave dreams are probably more related to the emotional than anything that's destined to happen (i.e.: world event Tsunami).

A dream I had more recently, well back in May this year, was rather usual (for me). Different than what I have usually dreamt about.

In the dream I was some sort of sorceress. I cast my hands up towards the inky, blue-black night sky and low and behold lightning bolts emitted from each of my finger tips.

The bolts electrified the stars and shook them lose from their night sky blanket, and they began to fall. Millions and millions of stars rained down upon the earth.

We (myself and whomever else were present) had to take shelter, because as the stars fell they struck us and we discovered that they were like tiny ninja stars, sharp enough to do damage, albeit minor.

                                            *       *      *

Ah dreams! So thrilling and exciting. Like a movie of the mind. I count myself lucky to remember as many/so many dreams as I have over my lifetime so far.


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